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Spot light on NZ MC companies – Puro

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Q1. Who are you, where are you based and what do you do?

Puro, Marlborough. Cultivation of cannabis and hemp for medical end use.

Q2. Will you offer compassionate discounts, (community service card holders, pensioners etc)?

Puro sell to pharmaceutical companies and extraction partners. We don’t sell direct to consumer.

Q3. Do you have plans for trials regarding chronic pain?


Q4. What certification programs, i.e. organic and others, are you or the industry planning to belong to?

We are aiming for organic cultivation

Q5. How do you manage your pest/weed regime?


Q6. Will you your plants see the light of the sun, and will they be grown in soil? vs indoor & hydroponic growing

We are doing both, across two different sites.

Q7. Are you planning on including animals who would benefit from CBD for various ailments eg. epilepsy?


Q8. Are you focusing on any particular terpenes?


Q9. Do you have plans for phase 2 trials, if so, for what conditions?


Q10. CO2 or Ethanol extraction?


Q11. Will you have a recommended retail price so that customers can have price certainty and consistency as well as setting a reasonable price?

We are not selling retail products.

Q12. What is your best yielding variety so far?


Q13. What strains will be available now and in the future?


Q14. How is GMP tested?


Q15. What does a typical day in the office look like at the moment?

Various meetings and calls with staff, contractors and suppliers. Arranging permits, consents and speaking with community

Q16. What prompted you to get involved in the MC industry?

To be at the forefront of modern medicine in NZ.

Q17. Do you intend to conduct trials for conditions where there is already evidence of efficacy?


Q18. When do you plan to have product ready for market?

Next year.

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