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An open Letter to the Political and Medical Profession.

Dear Politicians, Parliamentarians, Health Providers, Doctors and Nurses Approximately 5 years ago, at the age of 45, I was diagnosed with a rare, untreatable, incurable auto immune disease that was attacking my kidneys and I was told take these medications for pain relief, these medications to slow down the protein leaking into your system, and these pills to control your blood pressure and inject yourself with this stuff to help with the anemia that you are also suffering with as a result. We will monitor you and maybe you will get a transplant, if one becomes available otherwise you will have to go on dialysis, keep positive and all the best.

[caption id="attachment_4258" align="alignright" width="674"] Karen receiving treatment at Wellington Hospital.[/caption]

After three odd years of declining health and increasing symptoms and limited assistance through the health system I gave up the pharmaceuticals, took control of my health, left my job, moved and was committed to looking at other options. Cannabis and I had had a great social relationship for years and I was committed to dive into the medicinal side and give it my best shot.

Well well well my system stabilized, me head cleared, my body responded great and wahoo there was improvement in my renal function ..... go figure this medicinal cannabis was working. The capsules I was taking helped me sleep, helped me get up and get going, it assisted with improving my kidney function and omg I was in touch with my body and what was going on inside it and I could tell the medical staff what I was feeling and what was going on, even though they tried to tell me you can't feel that, you can't know that this is happening.

TIme went on and I was starting to think that I had this sorted until once again I got sick and ended up in hospital really really not well in April. Once again the medical professionals knew it all; they said that as a result of my kidney failure my heart was giving out and there was nothing that the heart specialist could do but say all the best!! My health continued to decline and I got sicker and after 3 months of little assistance I went to my GP and jumped up and down and urged her that something was wrong with me and that I needed to be looked inside of. She listened to me and within a couple of weeks I had an urgent appointment to get a camera down my throat and wouldn't you know it, I was right there was something seriously wrong, they found my esophagus had a fungating mass inside and outside it which was cancer and because they hadn't listened to me it had really taken hold and had metastasized in my lymph nodes and possibly in my lungs and liver also, well this is a hell of a ride isn't it.

I listened to what the suggested plan for me was and we came to an agreement on treatment options, I would be continuing taking cannabis in many forms, in fact I would be increasing my cannabis consumption and the potency of some products and that we would work together on helping me get better. I had Green Fairies supporting me, my kids and their partners by my side and a worried partner hoping for the best outcome.

I embraced the radiotherapy with positive energy, I took the cannabis capsules and tinctures with a lil bit of pharma in the form of anti nausea medications, as I knew this was going to be a rough ride and one I was going to come out of better off. After the 4th zapping of radiotherapy I was amazed that the pronounced lump in my neck was now a squishy mass that my body was re-absorbing, so I had some indication that this was working.

I finished radiotherapy three weeks ago and I am feeling better, I am able to eat and my bowels are moving each day so things are coming together ..... thanks to cannabis and having the ability to listen to my body I am sure that I saved my life and saved my family from me suddenly dying because of medical neglect and mistreatment. Mr Politician doesn't give a shyte as I am not one of their family or friends so I don't exist and this never happened ........ so guess why this sort of treatment happens to so many people.

We need to stand together, the sick and the well, those using cannabis in any form and those caregivers supporting people using it, those wanting to use it but too scared of being busted. We need to make our GP's, our hospitals and all medical professionals aware that cannabis is medicine and we will use it alongside modern medicine as it works.

I love cannabis and cannabis has helped me help me, and is helping me help so many others as I advocate for it's use, as I support numerous Green Fairies and educators and as I live life it is legal ??? until the policy makers and politicians come to their senses and change the law for all to be able to use as required

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