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Grandparents call in lawyers to get terminally ill child medical cannabis

The grandparents of a five-year-old with terminal brain cancer have called in a lawyer after doctors refused to consider medical cannabis to treat the child.

In August last year the child was given nine to 12 months to live after being diagnosed with an inoperable tumour on her spinal cord.

Medicinal cannabis

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Her father also wants her to receive medical cannabis treatment, despite protests from the girl's mother.

Lawyer Rosie Purchas told Morning Report they had been encouraged by reading about the successful treatment of a child with the same condition in America.

She said doctors in New Zealand had refused to offer treatment with medical cannabis because they said there was no supporting evidence, which she said was denying the child's human rights.

"There are no treatments available for the child, she's had 33 doses of radiation which were unsuccessful, she's been given until about May 2016 to to live. It comes down to fundamental justice.

"No one can predict whether this treatment is going to work or not, it hasn't been trialed. There is anecdotal evidence only, but it's worked for this other little girl. It's a very rare disease and there are very few people who have actually tried this."

This is one of an increasing number of cases where patients or family are wanting access to the drug - including the terminally-ill former union leader Helen Kelly.

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