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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, another case for Medicinal Cannabis

This week’s story is from someone who has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS,  widely regarded as the worst pain disorder in existence,  the only thing worse is when the disease progresses, and the R for regional no longer applies,  in advanced stages even the senses are rewired to pain, so loud noises bright lights etc also trigger this cascade effect.  It can also trigger bowel and other organ issues etc in advanced stages which can come across as chemical sensitivities.

Below is a chart of comparison pain levels, the pain vs child birth can be confirmed by those who develop the condition later in life, just as my wife can confirm that Flare ups of her back pain easily surpass the pain of her child birth. CRPS if picked up early can be reversed with intensive management, however once it has progressed to a certain point, there is no cure, and it normally it will gradually deteriorate.  This condition is a poster child for both compassionate use of Medicinal Cannabis, but also Euthanasia, as there are many with advanced CRPS who seriously consider suicide, if not act upon it.


What is Medical Cannabis to me. Its being able to have a better quality of life – to function – to laugh – to enjoy the small things in life & medical marijuana helps me achieve that. I have lived (survived) 15yrs with CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome the highest rated pain condition above unmediated labour even amputation of a digit. An accident / injury / surgery caused a switch in my nervous system causing inflammation.

What does that mean. Everything that my nervous system controls touch, sound, vibration, sight, hormones, stress, any normal stimuli that is harmless has now become so sensitive its harmful. It also controls, hair growth, skin colouration, blood flow, heart rate, swelling. The pain of course also affects sleep which then affects mood control & coping skills.

I have been on every mediation thrown at me, making me feel like a lab rat as I suffer side effect after side effect. I also tried every alternative help that I could find, but the only thing Iv found to help is medical marijuana. Before I became chronically ill I did not approve of marijuana & looked down on those that used, until I was in so much pain begging for death, as I felt I tried everything else to help end the pain. The relief was instant, their was light at the end of the tunnel. One should not be made to feel a criminal for seeking a better quality of life.

Yes it is still a drug & will not be for all but its made a world of difference for me, it helps by blocking, distracting the pain receptors in the spinal cord helping reduce, distract from the pain, but thats not all, it can also be used as a sleep aid, an anti depressant, help stop reduce muscle spasm & tension, & most of all that horrid nausea, your’ll be able to eat again, though that is also a side effect so watch what you eat & how much.

For me this medical plant has helped me so much I no longer need any prescription drugs which crps has made me chemically sensitive too causing horrid side effects on top of the many evil things crps does. More education is needed & give help to those suffering, included in the education is that New Zealand can still be smoke free, New Yorks Medical Marijuana laws have shown us the way.  The education should include different applications of the medicine to get the best help from symptoms, inhalers, butter, oil,  and even skin creams or patches, all still help without the need to smoke, this is why we need education.

We are not pot heads, we are people where there is no cure. and the medical system is failing us, and will continue to fail us for the foreseeable future.

We demand the right for a better quality of life, and a mere class C Drug helps in so many ways.

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