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BBC: Irish Government passes medicinal cannabis bill without vote

Irish Government passes medicinal cannabis bill without vote   1 December 2016


Dáil (Irish Government) has passed a bill to make cannabis available in Ireland for medicinal use.

The Irish Government had said it would not oppose the legislation.

It aims to legalise and regulate cannabis products used for medical purposes.

People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny, who put the bill forward, told RTÉ's Morning Ireland it would be up to a doctor to decide on its usage.


After the bill was passed, Mr Kenny praised the Irish Health Minister for his position in not opposing the bill and thanked all of those who supported the legislation.

Mr Kenny said he hoped the medical profession would come on board to support the use of the drug once it has been approved by the Health Products Regulatory Authority.

Minister for Health Simon Harris has said that although he has concerns about some elements of the bill, he would not oppose its progression to Committee Stage.

Mr Harris asked the Health Products Regulatory Authority to advise him on the scientific and clinical value of cannabis as a medicine.

He said he wanted to receive that advice from the agency before progressing the legislation any further.

'Sends a signal'

The minister also indicated that amendments would have to be made to the proposed bill to avoid the unintended effect of making cannabis legal for recreational use.

He said the Dáil debate was important and that he hoped it sends a signal to Irish patients that politicians want to see movement on this.

But he added that as Minister for Health he has to carry out the appropriate checks.

The legislation is expected to be supported by a majority of TDs in the Dáil (Irish Parliament).

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