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#MC410 2 weeks on Sativex, initial thoughts of Dr Hu

[caption id="attachment_1926" align="alignright" width="492"]Huhana_chris Skelton Fairfax Dr Huhana Hickey is a scholar of disabilities research and legal theory at AUT, and suffers from MS, the only "On Label" condition for Sativex in NZ.[/caption]

I would like to share my initial thoughts after my first two weeks on Sativex, the medicinal cannabis spray that is legally available in New Zealand. I waited (saved) for 6 months after it was approved for my condition which is Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, C.O.P.D and arthritis, and I must admit I began with some trepidation. I had just forked out $1200.00 which we could use on other things in our home. It took six months to raise that much and I was asking myself whether after all this, would it work?

The first three days were very low dose and I remember looking at my mate and saying well so far, pain and spasms and don’t feel anything. I even wondered if they had ripped me off and gave me a placebo instead. By day five, I began to feel an increase of something and I began to not feel the pain as strongly. I am now day 14 on the full dose and at work typing this feeling as though I have little to no pain, my body isn’t in spasm and it feels wonderful. I am not nauseous, nor do I feel so sleepy all day to the point I can barely function, I am actually sleeping at night now. I feel like my cognitive function is good although my motor skills are not where they should be yet, some bumps in my powerchair explains why I have a driver for me at the moment so I don’t drive to work and get into trouble. I do see myself driving again soon, but at this point I don’t feel I can drive safely yet.

[caption id="attachment_2719" align="alignright" width="493"]multiple-sclerosis-s8-primary-progressive-ms Deterioration overtime of Primary Progressive MS, the most aggressive form.[/caption]

I don’t know what the future holds as I will have to pay for another script and whether my overdraft or some other form of funding will cover me but I would like this option of pain management rather than morphine, gabapentin, codeine and tramadol, which are not nearly as effective as Sativex, with far worse side effects from my personal experience.

To sum it up.....   What a relief!!

Like others, Dr Huhana Hickey MNZM struggles with funding Sativex, and without your help, is unlikely to be able to continue its use, having confirmed its efficacy so far.

To Help Huhana and others like her continue to use Sativex, please consider donating to Our Fundraiser below.

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